Tillandsia Fuchsii Air Plants in Terrarium

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Tillandsia Fuchsii, native to Mexico and Guatemala, is a delicate air plant with tiny thread-like leaf blades. These leaves are silvery pale green; the flowers are vibrant violet when in bloom. After the plant blooms, it produces offsets and starts to form a clump. Fuchsii usually grows symmetrically to form a perfect sphere. Light/ Soil/ Water Requirements: - Bright light. - No soil is needed. Sand, sea glass, rocks, pebbles & bark chips can be used instead of soil. - Mist your Fuchsii a few times per week. You can also soak the plant in a bowl of water for a minimum of an hour every 1 or 2 weeks (because the fine leaf blades might not absorb enough water from misting). Give it a little shake-off afterward to eliminate excess water and make sure water doesn't collect in the bottom leaves to prevent rot.

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