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Unique is one of our favorite words

We take great care in selecting unique items that will
bring joy and wonder to our customers. Our store studio is where we handcraft
exquisite soaps and lotions. We also carefully choose clothing made from
high-quality fabric with a perfect fit. For those interested in music, we offer
a selection of musical instruments to learn and play. Our jewelry collection is
handmade using semi-precious stones, silver, and even bits of gold. We invite
you to visit us today to explore our full range of offerings

home is where the soul is

when friends and family gather a beautiful table adds to the occasion.


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not every story is told with words. express your inner self with your own unique look. from boho to soho we can help you put it together.

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Your brain will thank you.

Your brain will thank you.

Posted by Susan Nordman

Music is a language that everyone can understand. It has the power to express emotions and ideas with just the sound of vibrating air. Learning to play a new instrument...

Sea glass... where did it come from?

Sea glass... where did it come from?

Posted by Susan Nordman

Have you ever walked along a beach looking down?  Getting caught up in the details of rocks, shells, and weather glass, missing the horizon and thinking on the past is...

Intention and Gemstones

Intention and Gemstones

Posted by Susan Nordman

I often contemplate the power of intentions. Though it's a simple word, it carries a lot of weight. It helps us prioritize the emotions we need to master and the...

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