Salvaged Teak Root Oval Rustic Bowls - Hand Carved - Small


Each Teak Oval Bowl measures 8 inches long by 5 inches wide, stands 2-3 inches high and is truly a work of art. T

hey are beautiful standing on their own or as candle making bowls, bread bowls, coffee table bowls, potpourri holders or an exotic candy dish. Intricately grained and rustic, each bowl is different, as we allow the organic nature of the tree to shape each bowl with a natural edge.

Made from Salvaged Teak roots, our bowls are beautiful, durable, and ecologically responsible. We coat our products with a food safe blend of organic beeswax and mineral oil. Due to the organic nature of the product, variations to the edges will occur. It is possible to receive items that are more rustic or items that are smooth.

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