Cast Iron Tea Pot

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Quality, aesthetics and refinement are three sisters who couldn't be more different and yet complement each other perfectly. Together, they go on a journey of discovery. “Did you know that the Kabo teapot is not only for tea lovers, but also for coffee lovers? Commercially available coffee filters made of porcelain for brewing by hand fit perfectly on the pot,” says Aesthetic. “Oh really, that's great, of course! Personally, I'm a big fan of the pretty wooden handle, which makes the whole thing a real eye-catcher,” says Sophistication. “On the other hand, I like the robustness of the materials used,” says Quality. The cast iron teapot is fully enamelled on the inside and comes with a stainless steel strainer. Cast iron is characterized by its ability to retain heat and cold for longer — an advantage to enjoy warm tea longer, but also to cool drinks.

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