Circle of Life Violet/Power

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This series of hot, solid sculpted, handmade glass paperweights by April Wagner uses two vibrant colors in a round loop to symbolize the powerful circle of life. The swirling colors capture potent emotions, thought and feelings. Stamped with a heart on the bottom and signed and dated by the artist.

These paperweights make the perfect addition to any office or home, reminding the owner of their magic powers.

Approximately 3"D x 3"H

Each paperweight comes with an enclosure card explaining their powerful symbolism.

Orange/Health- Creativity, joy, vitality, success, and determination.
Emerald/Abundance- Wealth, new beginnings, growth, balance, and nature.
Ruby/Leadership- Passion, happiness, energy, elegance, and success.
Violet/Power- Nobility, luxury, ambition, and independence.
Royal Blue/Wisdom- Strength, reliability, calmness, and depth.
Aqua/Balance- Stability, peace, growth, and energy.

Women Owned
Sold individually - mix and match to meet your client

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