ANGELROX® stockings are the coziest leg warmers and double as fingerless gloves.

  • plant based fibers are the answer to year round cozy calves
  • comfy footless leg warmers scrunch or stretch from heel to thigh
  • fabulous boot liners to fill in gaps, protect other layers and refine legs
  • protecting calves and forearms help us control temperature
  • sustainable plant fibers soothe sensitive skin
  • easy to add or remove as you need for wellness + outdoor adventures
  • thumbholes allow them to double as opera sleeves
  • offering longer fingerless gloves perfect for more muscular joyful arms
  • these holes can also be used to spat over heels or tuck under the foot
  • super sensual pulled up to the thigh with skirts or on their own at home
  • awesome stretch offers gentle compression when needed

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