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Salt Urchin

Salt Urchin

The Salt Urchin™ is an novel and fun way to store and serve your salt. Rather than having holes on the top like traditional salt shakers, the hole is on the bottom. The clever design keeps salt from falling out and delivers a consistent dose. To use, you simply give the urchin a quick shake upwards. The salt stored inside will fill a small measured cylinder and fall out the bottom. The design is inherently resistent to moisture buildup, making them perfect for humid areas.

When you pick up a Salt Urchin™, one of the first things you'll notice is that their texture feels remarkably similar to the real thing.

Like in nature, every Salt Urchin™ is unique. Each is glazed in the exact same way, but depending on the weather, where they're placed in the kiln, and the thickness of the glaze, the copper in the glaze reacts differently, resulting in the wide color variations above. Please note that we don't offer specific patterns or colors, but when you place your order, we'll select one that's beautiful and unique.