Multi Pack - The 1904 Extra Large


The cinch closure allows for a much wider opening so it is easy to see what you are looking for. No need to close up under the flap either. I leave mine open under the flap when I am around town and just close it as needed for additional security. Most women wear the 1904 as a crossbody bag.

Some women wear it as a pack exclusively and some never wear the 1904 as a pack. The 1904 is particularly intuitive as a pack. Pick your favorite way.

Cross Body + Backpack + Shoulder Bag

Outside -
1. back zip pocket
2. three open pockets
3. closure | easy cinch drawstring under the flap
4. hardware | antique silver (subtle)

Inside -
1. four large spacious pockets
2. color block interior
3. removable corded leather key fob clip

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