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1904 Multi Pack Large

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The 1904 Pack has that understated utilitarian vibe. Whenever a woman happens into one of our Maine shops toting this bag, she is usually from Brooklyn and the bag is usually very beat up... and she is still in love! It just gets more honed with age. Smart function and rugged water resistant materials works in the mountains or Manhattan. The cinch closure allows for a much wider opening so it is easy to see what you are looking for. No need to close up under the flap either. I leave mine open under the flap when I am around town and just close it as needed for additional security. Most women wear the 1904 as a crossbody bag. Some women wear it as a pack exclusively and some never wear the 1904 as a pack. The 1904 is particularly intuitive as a pack. Pick your favorite way.
Cross Body + Backpack + Shoulder Bag
Outside -
1. back zip pocket
2. three open pockets
3. closure | easy cinch drawstring under the flap
4. hardware | antique silver (subtle)
Inside -
1. four large spacious pockets
2. color block interior
3. removable corded leather key fob clip